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Everyone has a story! Lisa Q Unscripted interviews REAL PEOPLE and shares their incredible stories. "Normal" everyday people who are underrepresented with the goal to highlight their stories, passion and talents. I also do voice over work for any type of project. You can visit my portfolio of work at

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Check Your Soul Factor

In my experience, businesses with winning brands have more than great marketing and style. They have more than strong resources and revenues. Winning brands have soul.

That's right, soul.

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Performance Takes Practice, Engagement Takes Experience

When it comes to setting goals for contingent workforce performance, where you start matters as much as where you end up. Too often, businesses look to their competitors to set their performance goals, but that is a mistake.

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Share More, Know More, Do More

How Greater Insight Fuels Collaboration and Talent Engagement Excellence

Passion Led Us Here

Is there something Better than the best?

Perhaps not linguistically but when it comes to contingent workforce management, best practices are not always what's best for your business.


D&I - Is this just a fad? 

Diversity and Inclusion is all the rage these days. Is this concept here to stay, or is it an enhanced version of Affirmation Action sprinkled with a little Social Responsibility?

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Professional Webinars & Insights

Ardent Partners Leading Analyst Discussion

Ardent Partners gains market perspective from  Lisa Quattrini  and Jen Parker

Club VMSA Interviews Lisa Quattrini

Lisa Quattrini provides perspective for 2021 and beyond regarding supply chain management

Ad Agency Kory Kay & Partners, Lisa Quattrini and Forbes Magazine

Lisa Quattrini's Collaboration with Kory Kay, and Forbes Magazine  on a targeted and successful  Multi- Media Campaign


Innovation Projects &  Non Profit Projects

Nothing is more rewarding than giving back. I would love to hear your stories on your contributions. Here are a few of mine. Email me at to schedule time to talk about your projects.

Wet Cat

 Did you say.....Cat Cafe? 

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — There’s a new way to find a pet all while getting your caffeine fix. It’s needed, it’s wanted,” said founder Courtney Hatt. “It’s not just for the people, but for the cats.” Give Me Shelter Cat Rescue: “It allows us to bring out cats in a non-cage setting that really can give them an environment to showcase their personalities and show what a great cat they’re going to be,” Quattrini said.


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